Unseen Cook Islands by Air

$11,495 / per person

Northern Atolls - 6 Days/5 Nights

From $11,495 per person

Aeroplane: Cessna Citation II

We are excited to take you on a 6-day / 5-night island-hopping adventure to three of the Cook Islands unspoiled and lesser-known islands of the Northern Group — Pukapuka, Manihiki and Tongareva (Penhryn).

You will experience the unique natural beauty and the authenticity of each island's history and culture - which will no doubt draw you closer in appreciation for the environment and the simplicity of life as you absorb all that these islands and their people have to share with you. This Northern Atoll package has you and your group enjoying guided tours, engaging with locals, and experiencing the unique island life of the Northern Group.


Pukapuka: The island of Pukapuka, traditionally known as Te Ulu O Te Watu, is located north-west 1,287 kilometres from Rarotonga and 450 kilometres from Samoa. Late American writer Robert Dean Frisbie settled on the island in 1924, writing a number of books there including ‘Island of Desire’.

Pukapuka is made up of three islets (Motu Ko, Motu Kotawa and Wale), shaped like a three bladed fan with a total land area of approximately 3 square kilometres. Historically the island served as a hub between east and west Polynesia. This is evident in the dialect and culture which has some influences from the Samoan and Tokelauan language.

Manihiki: Manihiki or Te Fuinga o Niva as it is traditionally known, is the second-largest of the Northern Group atolls. Approximately 1,299 kilometres north of Rarotonga, Manihiki is roughly triangular-shaped, consisting of 43 tiny islets (motus) surrounding a deep nine-kilometre-wide lagoon. The population is divided between the two main islands - Tauhunu on the west coast and Tukao to the north.

The deep and indigo lagoon is the source of its greatest asset – black pearls. Pearl farming involves cultivating the special black-lipped mollusc otherwise known as “Pinctada Margaritifera”. You will visit a Kaoa (Pearl Farm) and learn how these exquisite treasures are farmed. The exploration does not end there with several tour options available (weather permitting) such as fishing, snorkelling, diving, coconut crab hunting and night fishing.

Tongareva (Penrhyn): Tongareva or also known as Penrhyn, is the most remote island of the Cook Islands lying 1,365km NNE of Rarotonga. A remarkable cerulean lagoon measuring 233 sq km. The atoll is 77km in circumference and made up of more than 50 motus (islets) making the surrounding reef and necklace of the extraordinary lagoon. The villages of Te Tautua and Omoka are on different islets that are barely visible to each other. Penrhyn women make the finest rito crafterwork in the Cook Islands.



  • Airfares—Rarotonga/ Pukapuka/ Manihiki/ Tongareva (Penhryn)/ Rarotonga
  • Return Airport Transfers on all islands
  • Accommodation on each island
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on days 2 – 6. Breakfast and dinner day 7. Breakfast day 8.
  • An Island tour on each island.
  • Opportunity to purchase souvenir gifts while on each island.
  • Two nights’ accommodation. One night pre and post-tour at the Maona Sands Beachfront Hotel
  • Airport transfers
  • Final group dinner at On the Beach Rarotonga, including transfers


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